What’s Been Going On.

I haven’t posted very much in the past few months because it’s all been the same stuff. But this one is just to let people know that I’m still active, not so much in Honey Coming as in Seiyuu Doushi. I’m using my time in college, ’cause school started up, to translate in boring classes and stuff like that. So despite my lack of updates, I’ve made some major progress on the main scenario. The main scenario is about… by my estimate… 30-40% translated so… I think that counts as moving along.

Edit: Actually now it’s about 50% of the main scenario done. Go me!

Edit: And with that… 80%. The main scenario is almost done but don’t rejoice yet… there are a lot of hentai scenes to translate…

New AMVs!!!

Well, I wouldn’t say new per say but just released. The one you can watch on youtube is on the bottom but I’ll link it here anyways. And the other one you can download here on AMV.org: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=182991 This one is with the anime Candy Boy and the song Gravity by Sara B. And here is

This one is Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu/Shoushitsu with the song Reflection by Christina A. I’ll upload the other one on youtube whenever I get to it.

Chrono Trigger

Well my friends started up this lets play channel. Well, granted they’re new so cut them some slack on how crappily they did it. But please watch and maybe add a comment, subscribe or show your friends, if even just for laughs. And on a completed unrelated note, Serifu de Kanjite Seiyuu Doushi has gotten more lines translated, check it out on the stats area.

Serifu de Kanjite! Seiyuu Doushi

Since Sono Hanabira is basically a done deal, well at least my translation part, I’m going to start up another small side project. Note that all side projects I do will be the really really short ones. And the one is… how’d you guess… Serifu de Kanjite! Seiyuu Doushi! This one is about a girl who is an online seiyuu (voice actor) for various games and such and finds out that another seiyuu she works with turns out to be a boy at her school. I felt like doing this because it seemed nice… and I just got through re-reading Koe De Oshigoto! as well as watching the new OVA and fell victim to it. Since most of the H scenes are the ones that she is voice acting out, they have variety for everyone who has a fetish of some sort. Do look forward to it!

Edit: You can now go over to the visual novel tab on top and look at the status. It will tell EXACT numbers of what’s done and what’s left.

Holy Shit I’m Lazy

Well as you know, it’s been forever since my last post. So here’s what’s been going on. We finished all the scripts for Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu so that’ll be coming out pretty soon. All we have left is insertion and then editing.

The reason for lack of updates is that I’ve been busy with AMV stuff for AX. I sent in four videos… let’s hope at least one of them gets in. If anyone cares, this one (not one of the ones I sent into AX) has been released to youtube. Katana no Tabi, it uses the anime Katanagatari and song Sadame by Emi Motoda. To watch see bottom of the page.

As for Honey Coming, it’s been moving at a pace slower than a damn snail. Since all of my AX stuff is done, I’ll try to be faster on that.

And also, the link for the prologue patch is still down. I’ll try to get to putting that back up. And I might start using twitter… since I have an account anyways…


Toradora Ver.Well, we have some good news! Since Otoboku is on haitus because of NO HACKER, Someday Soon is now assisting, collaborating, with Hanabirakun to translate a few of the Sono Hanabira games. As of now, the ones planned are the 7th and the 3rd. So… yeah! Isn’t this great? As the rest will be more concrete soon enough, I’ll update this with more information later.

And I’ve been having more time lately so Honey Coming is moving smoothly.


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